Thank you to Scott Hansis of Capital City Bank for visiting the GOC. Scott has graciously offered to mentor some of our Members who may need help with basic banking. Scott first heard about the GOC through Rotary Club of Downtown Gainesville. Rotary has continued to support our Clubhouse and the Members in many different ways over many years. We are grateful for the support we get from Rotary District 6970 Rotary International Clubhouse International – ICCD

Rotary brought our home-style kitchen up to commercial standards. Scott was with Susan Call and Brett Buell in our kitchen. Susan worked her first job in 25 years at a local business owned by a Rotarian. Susan T. led Scott on a tour of our program and explained how the GOC helps. Scott learned about the triumphs and challenges of our Members. As usual, we had an outstanding lunch. You are looking at homemade chicken noodle soup, BLT’s, and freshly cut fruit.