***Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, The Gainesville Opportunity Center is open on a limited basis, to its Members. If you are a Member and would like to attend, please call the GOC at (352)224-5523 to schedule an appointment. We are still operating virtually. Check our calendar for our Zoom schedule.***

What is the Gainesville Opportunity Center?

With mental illness, you often lose the ability for self-care, and your activity levels drop. You may see a psychiatrist once a month and take medication to get control of symptoms, but you need a life. At our center, staff and members work side by side to run our office. Our goal is to help people show themselves what they are capable of in order to return them to the work force and to be a vital part of our community. In addition to assisting in employment, we offer the following:

  • Peer-led Life Skills development. With the stigma of mental illness, people are told not to talk about their condition. This further isolates people who have a disease that tends to make them isolate from social situations. Meeting other people with mental illness and seeing them succeed gives people confidence and hope. Peer led recovery is an innovative trend in the treatment of mental illness.
  • Social activities. The Clubhouse provides a variety of safe, social activities.
  • Self-directed recovery sessions. The purpose for the Clubhouse is not for the staff to do things for the members, or the staff to direct the members. The purpose is to build a team where staff and members can work side by side to accomplish Clubhouse daily and long term goals.

Florida Clubhouse State Wide Facts Flyer (PDF)

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102 NE 10th Ave, Unit 2
Gainesville, FL 32601

It is on Bus Route 15, near CVS at 10th and North Main Street,
across the street from Zaxby’s.


Open 9:00-5:00 M-F
Members can join us every weekday at noon for a free home-cooked lunch.
Phone (352) 224-5523

Reid S. demonstrates how GOC teaches new computer skills.

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