About Us

Florida Clubhouse Statewide Facts Flyer

We are a community-partnership program where people whose lives have been drastically interrupted by a major mental illness come voluntarily to rebuild their lives.

This successful evidence-based model helps people with mental illnesses stay out of hospitals, achieve dreams and goals of social, financial, educational, and vocational independence.


  • Promote Dignity, Social Inclusion, Recovery
  • Provide Meaningful work that builds stamina, confidence, and social skills
  • Help Members rejoin their communities.
  • Reduce stigma and discrimination
  • Emphasize abilities & talents
  • Assist with access to services, supports, housing
  • Help Members build meaningful relationships
  • Abide by the International Clubhouse Model

Clubhouse Services

  • Work readiness
  • Resume building
  • Help with job applications
  • Community resources
  • Affordable meals
  • Wellness
  • Skill development

Evidence-based research on the Clubhouse model

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