About Us

Florida Clubhouse Statewide Facts Flyer

We are a community-partnership program where people whose lives have been drastically interrupted by a major mental illness come voluntarily to rebuild their lives.

This successful evidence-based model helps people with mental illnesses stay out of hospitals, achieve dreams and goals of social, financial, educational, and vocational independence.


  • Promote Dignity, Social Inclusion, Recovery
  • Provide Meaningful work that builds stamina, confidence, and social skills
  • Help Members rejoin their communities.
  • Reduce stigma and discrimination
  • Emphasize abilities & talents
  • Assist with access to services, supports, housing
  • Help Members build meaningful relationships
  • Abide by the International Clubhouse Model

Clubhouse Services

  • Work readiness
  • Resume building
  • Help with job applications
  • Community resources
  • Affordable meals
  • Wellness
  • Skill development

Evidence-based research on the Clubhouse model

Meet Us

Development Director

Program Director


Board of Directors

  • Mike Conlon, President
  • Cyndi Garvan, Vice President
  • Mercy Quiroga, Treasurer
  • Gail Childs, Secretary
  • Taralyn De Wese-Mitchell
  • Alexis Henderson
  • Jodi Irving
  • Manny Quiroga
  • Shoab Rana
  • Kathleen Ryan
  • Sandhya Chheda
  • Reid Schreiber
  • Trish Sokol


The Gainesville Opportunity Center, Inc. (GOC) is a primary corporate entity that has established itself as a non-for-profit agency with Federal 501(c)(3) status since May 11, 2007. The GOC helps adults living with severe and persistent mental illness and disorders re-integrate into the community. Based on an innovative and proven program called the “International Clubhouse Model,” we do this by working side by side in an office environment in order to increase meaningful activity. The people we serve are our members, not our patients, or clients. Our members belong here in this environment we call a Clubhouse. Much more than simply a program or a social service, a Clubhouse is most importantly a community of people who are working together to achieve a common goal: the opportunities to (re)join the worlds of friendships, family, employment and education. The GOC membership is growing and we propose to substantially expand and strengthen our organization.

Mission Statement

Empower adults affected with mental illness through social involvement and employment for self-directed recovery.


Gainesville Opportunity Center, Inc.
1210 NW 14th Ave.
Gainesville, FL 32601

Phone: (352) 224-5523

General Email: gainesville.opportunity.ctr@gmail.com

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Need to submit a Grievance?

Submit a grievance here https://goclubhouse.org/grievance/

Or you can file a complaint with the:  Florida Department of Children and Families, Office of Civil Rights, HIPPA Privacy Officer, 1317 Winewood Blvd, Building 1, Room 110, Tallahassee FL 32399-0700, Tel. (850)487-1901 Fax (850)921-8470

Or File a complaint with the: US Department of Health and Human Services, Office for Civil Rights 200 Independence Avenue SW, Washington DC 20201 or by calling 1-877-696-6775 www.hhs.gov/hipaa/filing-a-complaint/index.html