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The Four Guaranteed Rights of Membership in Gainesville Opportunity Center:

  1. The Right to a Place to Come
  2. The Right to Meaningful Relationships
  3. The Right to Meaningful Work
  4. The Right to a Place to Return

See Meeting Location:
1210 NW 14th Ave., Gainesville, FL 32601.
Click here for map and directions. 

The house is close to NW 13th St., about a block east, on the north side of NW 14th Ave. The address can be reached by RTS Bus Routes 8 & 10.

Hours of Operation:
GOC members meet and work at the clubhouse 5 days a week (Mon-Fri) from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm   We serve lunch for $1.

During inclement weather we adhere to the advisories of the Alachua County School Board.  This means that if schools are closed, then GOC will be closed.

Want more Info?
Telephone GOC at 352-224-5523 for up-to-date details about meetings and other GOC activities.