Thank you so much to City of Gainesville, FL – Government Commissioner Desmon Duncan-Walker for visiting the GOC. We shared the successes and challenges of our Members. For adults living with mental illness, participation in Clubhouse International – ICCD activities help reduce hospitalizations, interactions with law enforcement, and other crisis situations. We are making lives better and saving the community money. It is important our leaders know what we do so we can effectively partner to make Gainesville a better place.

Commissioner Duncan-Walker interacted with every GOC Member in the building and listened to their challenges and triumphs. Affordable housing has been a challenge for our Members like Wendie. Commissioner Duncan-Walker truly listened and is offering to help. She has set up a special meeting with Wendie to make sure she remains housed. We talked about jobs. We are asking that the City hire GOC Members in supported employment positions so more people can return to work. We talked about community solutions. She wants to engage GOC staff and Members on important City committees so that the people in need have a voice. That is what change is all about.