At one time, many of our Members were isolated. But then they started coming to the GOC. Every day, Members participated in our work day, and their voices shaped our daily work routines. Because of that, Members felt empowered like their choices were being given back to them. Because of that our Members re-engaged in our community at events like the State of the City event today. Now, our Members truly feel a part of our community, both at the GOC and elsewhere. They talk with City leaders like regular people. City leaders speak with our Members like regular people. It goes to show we are a lot more alike than we are different. I don’t care what else you read. The State of the City of Gainesville, FL – Government is good. Rotary District 6970 Rotary Club of Downtown Gainesville Clubhouse International – ICCD

Nikita Scruggs, City Clerk’s office; Zeriah Folston, Director of Inclusion for City of Gainesville, Alina Harshberger, Wendie Selene, Deidra Simon are in the photo at the top of this post. Oh, and who is that in the back photo-bombing? Why that is our good friend, City Commissioner Ed Book. City Commissioner and Santa Fe College Police Chief Ed Book is with with Alina, Brett Buell, and Wendie in the second photo.