One of the the great things about the Clubhouse International – ICCD model is that we give our Members a choice in the activities they participate in. And if you have a choice, you also have a voice. So we had City of Gainesville, FL – Government Commissioners Casey Willits and Bryan Eastman out today to show them how much of a difference we are making in our Members lives. Our program works closely with City partners like the Gainesville Police Department and Meridian Behavioral Healthcare, Inc. Co-Responder teams, and the Gainesville Fire Rescue Gainesville Fire Rescue CRP. It’s great that our City leaders understand how important support services keep people out of higher cost crisis services. Thank you for our wonderful partnership.

We had two commissioners visit today. Casey Willits came in the afternoon. Commissioner Bryan Eastman joined us for lunch. As usual, The GOC kitchen crew had a hot meal prepared. We had home made chicken gumbo, red beans, and rice. At the GOC, Members have a voice and a stake in our community. Alina shared with Commissioner Eastman how important the GOC has been in her life. It’s nice to know in Gainesville, our leaders listen and look for ways to help. Thank you so much for joining, Commissioners Eastman and Willits.