There is no place like home. Unless you are at a Clubhouse. A common thing people say when they step in the doors of any Clubhouse anywhere is that it feels like home. After our statewide summit, we brought Members, staff, and other colleagues over for a celebration at the GOC. What a great time we had! So many people said our atmosphere has that at home feeling like a big family. Want to know what they experienced? Visit the GOC or the Clubhouse in your area. You will feel inspired, and you might just feel at home. Clubhouse International – ICCD Hope Clubhouse of Southwest Florida The Academy at Glengary Vincent House Vincent House Pasco Vincent House Hernando Club Success ACTS Clubhouse Lutheran Services Florida Central Florida Cares Health System Inc.

Daniel Watson and Karis Turner visited the GOC from Vincent House. William McKeever and Joanne Campbell came from The Academy at Glengary and Academy at Bradenton. Lasheka Roberts and Akeem Johnson of the GOC talked gardens with Andy McAusland from West Palm Beach and James Hatcher from Club Success in Lakeland. Karen Bibba came from Vincent House, along with Lauren Walker and Tamitha Chavez from Hope Clubhouse in Fort Myers. The whole team from the Academy at Glengary in Sarasota and Academy at Bradenton were here. Miranda Mills from Club Success in Lakeland, Amber Weber from Clubhouse International, and Jennifer Mullins from ACTS Clubhouse in Tampa visited. Jennifer Mullins from Tampa along with Gail Childs and Brett Buell from GOC (Gainesville) were seen together. Paul Tarnowski from Lutheran Services of Florida chatted with Colleen from Central Florida Cares. These two organizations fund Clubhouses throughout the state. Cristina, Susan and Claudia from GOC were together. People say a Clubhouse feels like home. Like a family. Can you see why? The Vincent House gang got a tour. Amanda Michael, Charlotte Sonetirot, Ed Dyer are shown around by Akeem and LaSheka of the GOC. In the background are Daniel from Vincent House and William Martin from Club Success Lakeland.