We had our third-ever Florida Clubhouse Conference this past week. For the first time ever, it was held in Gainesville. Look at the full house in the Hippodrome Cinema! Virtually every Clubhouse in Florida was represented, along with some special guests from Clubhouse International – ICCD Florida Association of Managing Entities – FAME Lutheran Services Florida Central Florida Cares City of Gainesville, FL – Government Santa Fe College Gainesville Fire Rescue and more. We shared best practices and heard from our Members about their amazing recovery stories. Thank you everyone who participated at the historic Hippodrome Theatre. The Academy at Glengary Vincent House Vincent House Pasco Vincent House Hernando Hope Clubhouse of Southwest Florida ACTS Clubhouse Club Success The Key Clubhouse of South Florida Rotary Club of Downtown Gainesville

Leda and Kaitlyn greeted everyone bright and early. William, from The Academy at Glengary, and Carolyn, from Kate’s Place, got us started. Sheri Godwin runs housing for Lutheran Services spoke. Paul Tarnowski, from Lutheran Services, were there. Colleen Canin and Jason Seffels from Central Florida Cares attended. GOC Member Reid shared about his journey and how the Clubhouse model has helped him. Brett introduced City Commissioner and Santa Fe College Chief of Police, Ed Book. Commissioner Book talked about how to give people a path back into the community and also shared about how Rotary has helped the GOC. Look at this crowd! Krista Ott, from Gainesville Fire Rescue and the Community Resource Paramedics, spoke. A co-responder team, partly funded by LSF was present. Natalie Kelly, from the Florida Association of Managing Entities, came down from Tallahassee. Dr. Christine Cauffield, CEO of LSF, shared the statewide priorities involving Clubhouses. Lots of passion, expertise, and experience on stage. Natalie Kelly and Dr. Cauffield spoke to a full house. Members shared their work experience. Miranda, from Club Success in Lakeland, and Jennifer, from ACTS Clubhouse, shared best practices for the Member workday. Brett, from GOC, shared about community relations. William, from the Academy at Glengary, and Karis and James, from Vincent House, shared about funding streams. During the wellness session, we participated with stretches. There are new standards regarding promoting wellness in the Clubhouse. Thanks to some of our friends from our Managing Entities: Paul from LSF, and Colleen Cantin and Jason Saffels from Central Florida Cares. Karis and James, from Vincent House, shared financial strategies.