We are proud of you, GOC Member Jordan Castle as you approach your one year work anniversary. Jordan is working full time as a cardiac tech at HCA Florida North Florida Hospital. It’s not only high tech… it’s high stress… and Jordan is handling the job well. Jordan’s supervisors tout a diligent attention to detail and Jordan is trusted with people’s lives. The GOC is proud to partner with organizations like HCA Florida as we help our Members lead productive lives. Jordan is not only helping people at the hospital, but also helping by advocating and raising awareness for those who have experienced mental illness. Thank you, Jordan, for all that you do for yourself and others. #mentalhealth Clubhouse International – ICCD

Lives are at stake if a detail is missed. Monitoring hearts in the cardiac unit is quite important. Jordan’s supervisors are Joyce Svornich and Denise O’Steen. They both commend Jordan for having a great attention to detail. GOC staff works with employers to make placements like Jordan, and we support our Members on their jobs as needed. The Senior management team at HCA Healthcare is also proud of Jordan. They came to show their support. HCA North Florida will be featuring Jordan in their newsletter. We are all so proud! When Jordan is not monitoring heart rhythms, you can find often find Jordan at the GOC helping us and other Members with our daily activities. It’s what being part of a community is all about. We are proud of Jordan for making a difference in the HCA and GOC communities.