We worked on our annual report this week and decided our theme would be gratitude. At the GOC we are grateful for our Members and everyone like you who believe in us. As we head into the weekend. Please click through some pictures from this week showing how and why we have so much to be thankful for. Community Foundation of North Central Florida Clubhouse International – ICCD Crunch Fitness

Kristy is trying new things all the time. Here she is operating our cash register. Way to go, Kristy! Here is Joe Van and LaSheka working on our lunch. Joe van was recently promoted at his job at Crunch Fitness. He was given a key to the building and opens the gym at 4am!!! We wouldn’t have great pictures of Joe Van and others if it weren’t for Members like David. Here, Members are involved in everything, including our media! Joanna helps with outreach and record keeping. Thank you, Joanna. Kaitlyn and Kim are all smiles. When there is work that needs to be done, members like Peaches are there for us. We are grateful for you, Peaches. Our friends from the Community Foundation introduced us to a new friend, Marcia Staples. Thank you Barzella Papa and Nancy Parks! Mia is working with Akeem on important Clubhouse business. Amanda is working full time at North Florida Hospital!!!! She started on the overnight shift, and has recently moved to days. Marcelle helps in our kitchen with the fresh ingredients that go into our daily lunches. Thank you, Marcelle.