Look at these beautiful floors! They are still covered in construction dust, but wow do they look good. Thank you so much to our friends at Gainesville Carpets Plus Colortile for this generous donation. The vinyl plank looks like wood, but you can mop on it and is supposed to last until the end of time. Equipment will be arriving soon, and in another week this place will look completely different again. Thank you Rotary Club of Gainesville Foundation, Inc. Gainesville Rotary Club Rotary Club of Greater Gainesville Sunrise Rotary Club of Gainesville D.R. Baker Construction Quality Plumbing and many more!

The top left picture is our dining room a few short weeks ago. By opening up the wall, our kitchen is now larger. This was a few short weeks ago. Troughs for the pipes, holes in the walls, and bare floors. The kitchen has a floor drain which leads to a grease trap. Lots of dust is covering up the shine. But look how beautiful.