This is Kim Sugar. At the GOC, Kim is finding new things she is capable of doing every day. Trying things at your own pace and gaining that sense of accomplishment is what the GOC is all about. Kim says she used to be by herself a lot. Now she has lots of friends and is proud of what she accomplishes.
Clubhouse International – ICCD Rotary Club of Downtown Gainesville Florida Department of Children and Families Lutheran Services Florida

Kim’s first love is the kitchen. From day one she has been helping us with our meal program. Kim is just as happy to clean as she is to cook. She never shies away from work. Kim also does work with staff in the office unit such as entering the travel logs for our vans. We report this info to our funding sources. This work is very important. Members have opportunities to lead. Here she is running our daily meeting where we assign important tasks for our Members to accomplish. This week Kim came to the Rotary meeting with Brett. She helped greet everyone as they entered and helped sell raffle tickets. Great job, Kim! As you can see, Kim is a big part of everything we do. Being part of something is what we all need in out lives. Thank you to everyone who supports the GOC and people like Kim.