Advocacy is very important. At the GOC, we want to help give people living with mental illness a voice. We all should have choices in our care and in our community. On January 5, we attended the swearing in and transfer of power to our new Mayor and three new City Commissioners. Proud of the City of Gainesville, FL – Government for prioritizing policies that make everyone important to our great town. Gainesville Fire Rescue Gainesville Police Department Greater Gainesville Chamber of Commerce Rotary Club of Downtown Gainesville Gainesville Rotary Club Alachua County Sheriffs Office

Members and staff were inspired by seeing a civil transfer of power and hearing about our leaders’ plans to include EVERYONE in our community. Newly elected City Commissioner Ed Book has been supportive of the GOC for many years. Ed serves as Chief of Police of Santa Fe College, where he has been a champion for those in need. Commissioner Ed Book also has been part of the Rotary Club of Downtown Gainesville for many years. Several Rotarians were present to support him today. Harvey Ward was sworn in as Mayor. Mayor Ward has been to the GOC many times. Marie shared all about the GOC with Sheriff Clovis Watson. The Co-Responder team from Alachua County Sheriff’s Office referred Michelle to GOC. Reid is visiting with Rotarian Greg Young. Thank you, Greg for all that you do for others in our community. Eric Godet from the Chamber (and Rotary) is with Reid, newly elected Commissioner Bryan Eastman and Rotarian Jay Nordqvist.