Every week… every month… we highlight our community partners. Why? Because we are all doing this together. The people whom we serve often need help across a multitude of services. If our Members don’t get help with housing, food, and medicine, our ability to help them take the next steps forward are impossible. Likewise, without our organization helping people advance their lives, the other programs may seem them regress.

We were so happy to have Jon DeCarmine of Grace Marketplace visit the GOC. Many of the people that become homeless have chronic mental illness. Once housed, many need more help.

Jon shared the challenges and triumphs during the years he has been involved with Grace. We have many people in common. We support many of the people that they have helped house. Our work-reated activities help give Members a feeling of accomplishment that leads to confidence and self-worth.

Thank you, Jon, for what you and your organization does. We value our relationship and look forward to helping people rebuild their lives into the future.