The GOC hopes to be part of the solution of helping adults with chronic mental illness lead more meaningful and fulfilling lives. Our model elevates personal dignity and provides a sense of community. It helps keep people stay out crisis services, hospitalization and incarceration. We are grateful to have Alachua County Commissioners Marihelen Wheeler and Mary Alford visit us. We hope our community can embrace us and that we can be help more people live up their greatest potential.

Board Members Gail Childs, Mike Conlon, and Executive Director Deidra Simon meet with Marihelen Wheeler. GOC Member Joanna is leading the tour of the facility. She explains why a nominal charge for lunch helps Members budget and take responsibility. It also provides confidence and skills to the Member working the register. Thank you, Commissioner Mary Alford for taking time out of her busy schedule to meet with us. She spent almost half a work day talking to Board, staff and Members about our services. Commissioner Wheeler is engaged with Board Chair Mike Conlon and Executive Director Deidra Simon. We had a long discussion about solutions to the affordable housing crisis. Members, staff and Alachua County leaders working together. There is hope!