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Busy, busy, busy. The GOC is open again and we are busy. Members are focused on jobs like making our triple-decker Bacon Lettuce and Meat Sandwiches. It sure beats isolating at home and worrying about things like a passing hurricane. It’s a new month and we have billing and reports to do, and the newsletter will be out this week. Thank you, Members, for all that you do! The GOC wouldn’t work without you.

Arby’s says they have the meat. At the GOC, we might dispute that. Bacon, lettuce, tomato, ham, and turkey make a GOC Clubhouse sandwich.

Members set the tables and keep things clean. Claudia is a volunteer who comes Tuesdays and Wednesdays to work in our kitchen. She loves seeing our Members succeed.

CJ and Cristina are in the Office Unit working on the daily PowerPoint that we use to run our meetings. At these meetings, we discuss work that needs to be done, and Members sign up for important jobs. Jacqui loves cleaning. It gives her a sense of accomplishment. A job well done is meaningful to her. Sean successfully finished his GOC Transitional Employment Position at Culver’s. He is now working at Chipotle. When he has free time, he comes to the GOC to help in the Office Unit. Reid is scanning all of our purchase receipts for the month. A report is sent to our bookkeeper containing this work. When the meal is over, the work isn’t done. Jane and Jeff are always willing to pitch in and help.