Congratulation to Joevan for achieving his personal trainer’s certificate! Joevan has come a long way! He had never worked before attending the GOC just a few years ago. Since then, he participated in our Transitional Employment and Supported Employment programs. He eventually landed a job in his desired career field at YouFit. The GOC helped Joevan get back into school and he now has his personal trainer’s certificate. Joevan says he feels positive about the future and wants to share with others that there is hope!

Joevan says he gets a lot out of helping others. He still comes to the GOC to help his fellow Members. Joevan keeps getting promoted. He started out in janitorial services, and he was promoted to reception. He opens the gym way before most of us get up. Soon he will be providing personal trainer services. Way to go, Joevan! Taking one of the photos is Marie. She isn’t in a lot of photos because she takes so many photos. You will see Marie out and about as she advocates for the GOC and people living with mental illness.