Gator Dining on University of Florida campus feeds thousands of people every day. Did you know that GOC Members are helping to make that happen? Valerie, Scott and Bill all work there through our relationship with Chartwells K12 (who runs Gator Dining.) As part of our Supported Employment efforts we maintain a relationship with our Members and the employer to help everyone work together.

Everything takes place in the Reitz Student Union on UF Campus. Scott circles hundreds of tables in the Reitz Student Union. Bill works at 352-Burger. He spends time in the kitchen making food, time at the register, and time helping keep the place clean. Valerie handles trash cans that are bigger than she is. Bill said he is grateful for GOC’s support as we helped him with employment. Bill now has stable housing and a job. Scott was unemployed for 9 years before going back to work. The GOC has helped him iron out his schedule, and helped him transfer from one company to another when Chartwells took over the dining hall.