At the GOC, helping Members achieve their educational goals is part of our program. On July 19, six educators from Santa Fe College visited the GOC in order to share opportunities with our Members for various programs which promote success. There are many needs of our Members that are out of the scope of GOC expertise. It is vital that community agencies work together and connect people to services they may not otherwise have access to use. Santa Fe’s Adult Education programs increase overall independence. The skills people learn in these programs may also increase employability and income. Thank you to all of our community partners. Working together, we can, and do, make people’s lives better.

Our Visitors: Dr Naima Brown (Vice President of Student Affairs, Information, and Education), Shanita Dunmore Trio (Educational Opportunity Center, Student Services), Robert Gregory (College Achievement Program, Admissions), Joanne Wilkes (Displaced Homemaker Program), Colin Benner (Financial Aid & Scholarships), Dr Bea Awonivi (Disability Resource Center Services, Laptop Loans, & Emergency Aid), Linda Mussillo (Adult Education Program)