Thank you to our local law enforcement officers who came by the GOC as part of the Crisis Intervention Training (CIT). CIT helps first responders who handle crisis calls involving people with mental illness in order to get people the help they need. As part of the program, Officers come by the GOC to meet with our Members when they are not in crisis in order to listen to their needs. We greatly appreciate the time they take to address these important topics. At the GOC, we are proud to provide our services with the LEO community to better serve people in need. Thank you for including us. City of Gainesville, FL – Government Alachua County Crisis Center Alachua County Sheriff University of Florida Public Safety Gainesville Fire Rescue CRP

It is great to see officers and deputies engaging with our Members. Joanna led everyone on a tour. Zenny offers words of encouragement. We had a full house of officers and Members engaging with each other and sharing their stories. Some Members shared that authority can be intimidating and talking to Members like people can really help a tense situation.