We are proud to be part of the Meridian Behavioral Healthcare, Inc. Steps to Wellness event. This year the theme was “It takes a village.” We are fortunate to have organizations that we partner with to make sure our Members get the support they deserve. Just a few of them pictured here include NAMI Gainesville and the Alachua County Sheriff‘s Office. As part of our village, we know each other and we count on each other to help people in our community. We have friends and colleagues at other organizations we each can call to make sure those in need get the right services. Special shout out to First Federal Bank for supporting the GOC, Meridian, and other agencies vital to our community. WCJB TV20 News

It takes a village. The GOC is truly part of that village. In the top photo, we see colleagues from Meridian, NAMI and GOC. We all work together behind the scenes. If David Snyder wasn’t anchoring the news, he could be doing stand-up comedy. If you haven’t heard his dry sense of humor, you are missing out. We were guests of First Federal Bank. In the picture around the table, from left to right: Susan Thomas, Joanne Edde, Jason Cason, Deidra Simon, Diana from Putnam County Schools, and Marie Fishman. Meridian CEO Don Savoie is committed to providing finding solutions so everyone in our community can receive the services they deserve. Deputy Dan Maynard is the person who connected Marie with the GOC. Marie and Deputy Dan (as he is known) stay in touch. Marie loves to sing the praises of ACSO and the GOC for the difference we have made in her life. Deputy Dan gets a lot of support from the leadership at ACSO. Sheriff Emery Gainey was in attendance, along with most of his command staff.