The Florida Department of Corrections has a program called FACE IT, where they give people support. The support helps people find jobs and lead more meaningful and productive lives. Support and education also leads to fewer violations, so people can keep their freedom. Sound a little like GOC? We think so, too. We are proud to partner with our friends at Corrections so people can lead better lives. We don’t do this work alone. Neither do they. We were proud to be featured at their recent event, along with many other agencies. It takes a community to make a community, and we are all in this together. CareerSource Florida Santa Fe College Gainesville Police Department Alachua County Library District Florida Department of Corrections

Members and staff represent our organization together. Officer Mary Ferrell is with Akeem and LaSheka. Ofc. Ferrell has personally brought people to GOC for services and is an impactful community partner. GOC’s Marie Fishman is with Marianne V., who spent 27 years in prison. She is out, working, and living independently. It is never too late to make good choices and turn your life around.