Want to see who came? Please scroll through our pictures.

On a beautiful Spring weekend, the GOC Car Wash and Cookout came and went. We had good company working towards a good cause as we spread awareness that there is hope. The GOC provides a community that our Members utilize to become part of the greater community as a whole. Don’t believe us? Click through the pictures to see all the people who are helping us help others. Gainesville Rotary Club Rotary Club of Gainesville Foundation, Inc. Rotary Club of Downtown Gainesville City of Gainesville, FL – Government Santa Fe College Gainesville Fire Rescue Gainesville Police Department

It feels good to help others. GOC Members are part of the process. In doing so, they gain stamina and confidence. Kristi and Susan make quite a team. GOC Members and staff washed and dried 34 cars!!!! RJ was a big help. before the car wash he is busy blowing leaves so we have a clean place to work. Marion Colburn from the Gainesville Rotary Club is with Brenda Bayne of NAMI and GOC Member CJ. Deidra Simon and RJ enjoy a moment with Co-responders Bill Gough and Victoria Blass.

Did we mention we also had a cookout? Members and staff made quarter pound hot dogs and hamburgers for our guests. Rotarian Mary Crane, Jennifer Elder, and her husband, Rotarian Steve Elder have their picture taken in the Rotary Kitchen. Mary Crane, Eve Cater and Bill Childs enjoy conversation on a beautiful Spring day. City of Gainesville Community Health Director, Brandy Stone, is with Kristi Benson. City of Gainesville Community Health Director, Brandy Stone, is with Kristi Benson. Mary Crane is with Akeem. Akeem is one of our hardest workers at the GOC. Rotarians Ed Book, Carl Smart, Diane Robar and Bob Robar enjoy the company of GOC Member Susan and Board Chair Mike Conlon. Gail and Bill Childs brought friends. Reid, our Board Vice President is with Emeritus Board Members Jodi Irving and Trish Sokol. We got backed up, and people had to wait a bit. Fortunately, we have a great back yard. Payton and Erica came by on the invitation Gail Childs. Rotarian, Gainesville City Commissioner and Santa Fe Police Chief Ed Book looks happy with his car. He took time out of his busy schedule to visit. So does Carl Smart. Mike enjoys telling tall tales about the City of Gainesville, the University of Florida, and its growth over the past 5 decades. Thank you to Kaitlyn and Kayla for your hard work during the project. That’s all for now. See you next time.