Thank you to everyone who helped support us to make the Fall Festival possible. Between, we were able to serve 100 meals and create a fantastic atmosphere for everyone who attended. For our Entertainment, We opened with a performance by the UF Driveway Theater Project. Then we launched into the mellow sounds of the Newcomb Jazz duo. We ended the day with everyone joining in with Smooth Flava who wrapped us up with two hours of line dancing. If you missed out, you missed out. We did take some pictures though. Please click through the images for more. Our sponsors and our entertainers: Judy Locascio: Allstate Insurance Rotary Club of Downtown Gainesville Renaissance Printing First Federal Bank Cotton’s All Lines Insurance Smooth Flava Dance, Gainesville Chapter University of Florida Performing Arts

We were thrilled to have Richard and Pat Berne with us. They have supported the GOC for 15 years.

Thanks to the Dedicated co-responders like officer Sara Reeves of the Gainesville Police. Ofc. Reeves is part of a special team that responds to calls where mental illness is involved to help ensure people get the help

Larry Newcomb and his son Jake make up the Newcomb jazz duo. They play professionally all over town. Jake is also a GOC Member.

We are planning to feature Jake in the December Newsletter.

Valerie and Scott helped at the event. They are both working with one of our community partners at Gator Dining.

Vincent House in Hernando County brought a van full of their Members to our event. Vincent House is a CLubhouse like the GOC.

Thank you Careersource for tabling this event.

Terrica and Joanna helped on the grill.

Cheryl Poe from Rotary rarely misses a GOC event. She is thrilled to be in the kitchen we will soon remodel with Rotary support.

Bruce and Joan Stevens helped found the GOC in 2007.

Brett is with Brooke and James from Vincent House.

Mike Leyman is one of our founding GOC Members. He has been coming here for 15 years.

Community Health Director Brandy Stone is with Sara Reeves of GPD, and Krista Ott and Kaitlyn of Gainesville Fire Rescue. Board Chair Mike Conlon and GOC’s Brett Buell are in the photo, too.

GOC Board Member is hanging our with Tony Barr, another Rotarian at our event.

The UF Driveway theater project knocked it out of the park with their performance of the Maltese Falcon.

They read the 1930’s radio play version of the Maltese Falcon just like it was performed in the live radio studio all those years ago.

This was a really cool experience, and the audience really enjoyed it.

Board Member Gail Childs is with GOC Member Joanna, Brett Buell of the GOC. Tony Barr and Greg Young from the Gainesville Rotary Club have been very supportive of us.

Helen Warren of the Gainesville Rotary Clubs checks out our kitchen. We believe construction will start on the Rotary Kitchen at the GOC early next year.

Jay Nordqvist was the Feastmaster for this year’s Rotary Wild Game Feast. Today he was a guest of our program. The kitchen renovations we will soon start are a result of Rotary Funding.

GOC Member Kim Sugar is with Ed Book. Ed is Chief of Police of Santa Fe College and a Member of Rotary.

Ingrid RIncon of the vet Center is with Officer Rob Stewart and Sgt. Chris Cardwell of GPD.

Tracy Brown of Grace Marketplace attended.

Jacob Atem of the Rotary Club of Gainesville was on hand. We discussed strategic partnerships with Jacob’s non-profits.

John and Deidra jumped right in and danced the afternoon away.

Shout out to Smooth Flava for their line dancing. It was a perfect group for our 4 to 6pm slot.

Nancy Ryan and her daughter Kathleen have supported the GOC for many years. Kathleen is on our Board of Directors.

Thank you to all of our sponsors!

Eric, LeeAnn and James enjoyed the afternoon.

Kayla and Cristina sold raffle tickets and collected donations. Kayla is a volunteer who tutors our Members. Cristina is part of our staff.

Susie Lyons is with Maggie Hannon and Mark.

Claudia and Mia worked the grill most of the day.

Our friends from another Clubhouse, Vincent House, visited.

Megan Olson is the owner operator of Culver’s, and they employ GOC Members. Megan is yet another Rotarian who supports the GOC.

Jason Cason and First Federal Bank sponsored this event. Jason is also a ROtarian.

Brenda Chamberlain and Joe Lowry Jr are past presidents of the Rotary Club of Downtown Gainesville. We are so fortunate to have such support.

GOC Members and visitors are full of smiles.

Deidra Simon is with her family and GOC Member Terrica. From left to right are Gloria, LeeAnn, James, Terrica, and Deidra.

We were thrilled to have Richard and Pat Berne with us. They have supported the GOC for 15 years.