It rained. But it didn’t stop the GOC car wash. People still came. Members still had fun. Who stopped by to support us? Lots of people who are invested in our community.

Despite the weather, the GOC car wash went on as planned. Executive Director Deidra Simon and Kyana jumped in to wash. Members held signs and helped recruit people to come see us. Susan Call helped wash, and so did Reid Schreiber. Amanda Castle brought her brother Eric. They helped cook and wash. David and Jean Nessl visited. Pat gave them a tour and showed them our kitchen plans. Sandy Munson came by for support. Sandy wore a GOC t-shirt. Alexis, Karen and Susan all did their parts to contribute. Jane Emmeree came by with her sister Jill. She loved seeing our Members in action and spent some time with Maggie Hannon. Jane, Jill, and Maggie have a lot in common, including their love for Cheetos. Ed Book came by. He is a Rotarian who is so happy to see we will soon get a restaurant style kitchen here. He is one of many who we hope will have a “before” and “after” photo once the project kicks off. Tony Barr is another Rotarian who will have his photo in the “old” kitchen. I am sure this won’t be his last visit, either. County Commissioner Mary Helen Wheeler stopped by, even though it was pouring down raining. She got to catch up with Brett about jobs, housing and other important issues facing GOC Members. GOC Member Sierra helped Kaitlyn count the money. We made $346 even though the event technically got rained out. Pretty succesful. We made new friends, strengthened our relationships, and had fun doing it. That is what the GOC is all about. Despite the weather, the GOC car wash went on as planned. Rotary Club of Gainesville Foundation, Inc. Rotary Club of Downtown Gainesville Gainesville Rotary Club Alachua County, Florida