Did you know that 80% of people living with a serious mental illness are unemployed? That is why we met with the City of Gainesville, FL – Government Equal Opportunity Director Zeriah Folston today. At the GOC we give support to our Members AND the employers to help people return to work. Partnering with our public policymakers will make sure that our Members get more opportunities to live productive lives. Clubhouse International – ICCD

Deidra Simon, Kathleen Ryan, Reid Schreiber and Brett Buell met with Zeriah for well over an hour. Before the meeting, Wendie gave Zeriah a tour of the GOC and he met several Members. Due to the GRU revenue situation, the City is scrambling to pay for everything it needs. But ideas were flying. There is evidence that Clubhouse participation reduces public costs. Partnering with the GOC is a great way to make lives better and save the tax payer money. Paul LeBlanc, Kathleen, and Deidra were all engaged. Thank you so much to Mr. Folston for speaking to us. Thank you even more for listening. We hope to be able to list the City of Gainesville as an employer of GOC Members sometime soon.