At the GOC we support our Members. Today we held a pep rally to celebrate Members who are going to work after years of unemployment. We held a pep rally to recognize our Members for their accomplishments. Clubhouse International – ICCD Alachua County

Members and staff support each other. Returning to work is a big deal. Thank you to Alachua County who partners with us for Transitional Employment. Carrie hasn’t had stable employment in decades. She has overcome homelessness and a lot of other obstacles to get a fresh start. Terrica shared some words on her recent Transitional Employment and what it meant to her. Daniel will also be working for the County. He hopes to get a job in the tech industry some day. Peaches just finished her 6 month stint in Transitional Employment. Alina is shooting silly string at one of the Members returning to work. At the GOC we recognize our Members for their accomplishments. What they are doing matters. What we are doing does, too.