On May 1st 2022, the Gainesville Opportunity Center had its first ever Bike Day event on what turned out to be a a beautiful Spring Day. We had plenty of sponsors, and plenty of riders. We raised about $3,000 in cash and the awareness we achieved is priceless. Thank you to everyone who attended. Rotary Club of Downtown Gainesville Satch Squared First Federal Bank Culver’s Annasemble Community Orchestra Sweetwater Picture Framing Tu Fiesta Radio Mi Apa Latin Cafe Yogapod Straw and Company Fine Woodwork Thanks to WCJB TV20 News for the coverage! https://www.wcjb.com/…/gainesville-opportunity-center…/

Thanks to all the people who volunteered. Gail Childs, one of our Board Members arrived early to set up balloons. She was helped by our friends from First Federal bank, who helped fund and organize the event. Thank you Joanne Edde and Christian Lora. The Rotary Club of Downtown Gainesville Sponsored us. Walt Barry and Ed Represented the Club as riders. Brett is also in that Club.

Joanne and Christian from First Federal built the balloon arch. Who blew up all those balloons? We have pics of some of the GOC team. Board Members Shoab Rana and Manny Quiroga was instrumental in organizing the event. Mark Rodriguez from Satch Squared came along with his son. Thank you for sponsoring us, Satch2!!! The riders rode 4 miles for a pleasant Sunday morning ride.

Gail Childs rode to support us. GOC Member John Smith was one of the many riders. The GOC is inclusive of everyone, no matter what kind of bike you like ride. Bruce Stevens rode. he was the first President of the GOC Board, and served us for 8 years.

TV 20 News came out. See our story here: https://www.wcjb.com/…/gainesville-opportunity-center…/

Mercy Quiroga, GOC Board Member, was one of our chief organizers of this event. Thank you Mercy!

It was great to see our friends from NAMI. Gary Bennett, David Nessl, and Mike Conlon enjoyed taking a photo together with the Bike day sign. John, Cristina, and Mercy helped check in the riders. GOC Member had plenty of brochures about us. They were happy to answer questions.

Walt Barry made it to the finish line.

It was a fiesta for sure. Thank you, our DJ Elio for all the publicity. We hope next year it will be even bigger. Thanks to everyone who supports the GOC!!

Thanks to all the people who volunteered. Gail Childs, one of our Board Members arrived early to help.