All of us at the Gainesville Opportunity Center wish all of you a Happy New year. We did great things in 2021, and we couldn’t have done them without your awareness and support. Please click through the photos to see how we made a difference in so many people’s lives in a mere 12 months. In 2021 we made major strides each and every month. In 2021 we made major strides each and every month.

We started a new relationship with Alachua County regarding employment of our Members. (You can sign up for our free Newsletter at

We expanded our jobs at Culver’s and started a relationship with Aramark. We got not one, but two new vans. Transportation is one of the largest obstacles regarding receiving our free services. Our vans allowed us to explore the area and go on field trips. It is part of connecting to the community. We redesigned our website. We were open holidays so our Members could feel socially connected. The GOC was recognized in the media for our service and dedication. And The Gainesville Opportunity Center achieved full accreditation under the Clubhouse Model. Can we top these accomplishments in 2022? With your help, YOU BET WE CAN!!!!!