Volunteer Policy

Volunteers will complete either an online application or a hard-copy application to be submitted to the GOC. After their application is submitted, volunteers will be interviewed by volunteer coordinator and be given a tour of the facilities by members.

Due to the requirement of background checks by the state of Florida for volunteers working with the mentally ill, children, and the elderly, there will be two separate designations for volunteers. The initial stage will be “Yellow Badge” Volunteers. They will sign up for a specific time and work with one unit. Weekly hours for volunteering will be 2.5. The volunteer must work under staff supervision. This will allow us to screen volunteers to make sure it’s a good fit for both the volunteer and GOC, while meeting the requirements of the state. Once the volunteer has completed 20 hours, an evaluation will be completed. If the volunteer and staff members feel this is a good connection, GOC will pay for a background check.

Once the background check is completed, the volunteer will graduate to the new designation of “Green Badge” volunteer. They will be able to increase weekly hours according to availability. The background check allows an increase in non-supervised activities. Some examples of such activities include tabling events with members, attending a Rotary Club meeting once a month with a member, or other events.

Hours for all volunteers will be collected. A yearly event will be held for volunteers.