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Board of Directors

  • Cyndi Garvan, President
  • Trish Sokol, Vice President
  • Sandhya Chheda,Treasurer
  • Reid Schreiber, Secretary
  • Gail Childs
  • Mike Conlon
  • Taralyn De Wese-Mitchell
  • Alexis Henderson
  • Jodi Irving
  • Manny Quiroga
  • Mercy Quiroga
  • Shoab Rana
  • Kathleen Ryan


The Gainesville Opportunity Center, Inc. (GOC) is a primary corporate entity that has established itself as a non-for-profit agency with Federal 501(c)(3) status since May 11, 2007. The GOC helps adults living with severe and persistent mental illness and disorders re-integrate into the community. Based on an innovative and proven program called the “International Clubhouse Model,” we do this by working side by side in an office environment in order to increase meaningful activity. The people we serve are our members, not our patients, or clients. Our members belong here in this environment we call a Clubhouse. Much more than simply a program or a social service, a Clubhouse is most importantly a community of people who are working together to achieve a common goal: the opportunities to (re)join the worlds of friendships, family, employment and education. The GOC membership is growing and we propose to substantially expand and strengthen our organization.

Mission Statement
To promote the empowerment and independence of adults affected by mental illness or disorders with or without co-occurring substance-abuse by providing opportunity for social involvement, job skills, and self-directed recovery. The Gainesville Opportunity Center improves the lives of members and the greater Gainesville Community by 1) operating a work ordered day model that relies on the voluntary participation of its members; 2) supporting member employment and education; 3) developing innovative programs, research, and shared knowledge; 4) collaborating with others to inspire and teach about living with mental illness and disorders; and 5) advocating for people living with serious mental illness and disorders to improve perceptions and practices.

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