We launched Transitional Employment with Culver’s in 2019. We get to put a GOC Member into a Culver’s job, where we support that Member until he or she can do it on their own. After 6-to-9 months, we help that Member find a more permanent job and place a new Member at Culver’s. GOC staff trains on the job, and then trains the Member. We go back on site as much as needed to help the Members. The goal is to work toward more independent employment.
In January 2021, we launched our Transitional and Supported Partnership with Alachua County. Sean is working in our TE, currently. We have five other GOC Members in Supported Employment positions with Alachua County. In our Supported Employment positions, we give support as needed. We may interact with employers and managers, and we may or may not come on site. It is up to the Member and the employer as to how much support we give.
Joevan started in a Transitional Employment Position with Culver’s as a lobby attendant. Now he is working a Supported Employment position where he works the cash register. Not bad for his first job.
Members are also learning great customer service. Mark has on his reading glasses so he can read the customers’ orders back to them.

Hiring GOC Members is good for the Member and good for the business. To learn more, see The Benefits of Hiring GOC Members