We launched Transitional Employment with Culver’s in 2019. We get to put a GOC Member into a Culver’s job, where we support that Member until he or she can do it on their own. After 6-to-9 months, we help that Member find a more permanent job and place a new Member at Culver’s.


At age 27, Joevan is working his first job ever!!! Before coming to the GOC, Mark, an Air Force Veteran, hadn’t worked a tax-paying job since 2001.


Keeping the lobby clean is our primary responsibility. With COVID-19, that job is extremely important.


Members are also learning great customer service. Mark has on his reading glasses so he can read the customers’ orders back to them.


Joevan says that he loves his job at Culver’s. He feels so fortunate that there is a place like the GOC that can help make things like this happen!