The Florida Clubhouse Coalition advocates for people living with chronic mental illness, so they can live more independent, meaningful and fulfilling lives. We do so, by promoting the expansion of Clubhouse International – ICCD programs. Without our advocacy, the GOC would not be where it is today… fully accredited and supporting people in their return to the workforce. Since the first year we went up her together, we have gone from 9 Clubhouses to 18 in Florida. Our dream is that all 67 Florida Counties will one day have their own Clubhouse like the GOC. Pictured on the trip are the GOC’s Brett Buell, The Key Clubhouse of South Florida‘s Debra Web and Alex Lasa. Our gracious host from Corcoran partners worked very hard to get us so many important appointments on out trip. Thank you all for serving us! Lutheran Services Florida Florida Association of Managing Entities – FAME Florida Department of Children and Families Keith Perry Jennifer Bradley State Representative Dana Trabulsy

Senator Keith Perry has the South half of Alachua County. He also employs ex-offenders at Perry Roofing. We spoke about the possibility of employing GOC Members at his company. Rep. Dana Trabulsy was thrilled to hear about our statewide programs and hopes we will get one in her district in Ft. Pierce one day. She said she would like to stop and see the GOC during her drive from Tallahassee to South Florida. Brett says about the astronaut pictured, “This guy is undoubtedly running for office. We will see him again in Tallahassee, I am sure, and we will continue to advocate for people with mental illness.”